If you missed out on pledging during the Kickstarter campaign, no worries, you can place a late pledge here to order the core set. The core set has everything two players need to play Alchemental.

* You must choose light or dark when purchasing, choose wisely.


  • ~ 1 Full Color Instruction Manual
  • ~ 2 Instructional Play Mats
  • ~ 1 Heavy Duty Box (for both storage and travel)
  • ~ 6 Typhonn Decks (Dark)
  • ~ 2 Alchemic Decks
  • ~ 2 Scroll Decks
  • ~ 2 Healer Decks
  • ~ 2 Velvet Pouches containing: 1 Alchemic/Scroll die and 2 eight sided dice, life/damage counters, ailment markers, shard tokens, and 2 philosophers stones

Some elements may differ from the Kickstarter edition. Does NOT include set of four post cards with art from the game.


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