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The World of Alchemental

The Realms are shattered. The truth of a legendary stone has been learned. Do you have what it takes to restore peace and claim the Celestial Throne? When the truth of the philosopher’s stone is learned, it is every realm for itself, and now, with the rise of the Celestial Sphere, it is up to each player to defeat epic typhonn, create alchemental shards, and forge the legendary stone first. Use magick to vanquish even the toughest foes, enchant your typhonn to mine alchemics faster, and negotiate alliances with other realms to ensure victory in war. Along your quest you may even voyage to other realms to mine elementals, charm their typhonn and recruit them to your cause–the possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

The Game

Alchemental: Rise of the Celestial Sphere is an epic fantasy card game set in the Celestial Sphere universe. It is rich with collectibility elements, character and plot driven battles and lore, and lush with unique mythology and magick.

This fantasy card game is optimal for 2-4 players, but you can play with as many people as you desire. Dust off that long table, it is time to answer the call! Gameplay is 45-90 minutes.

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